Hi, my name is Nicky!  I have been a registered nurse for over 20 years and throughout those years I have seen just how much people need education and support in getting healthy and staying that way.  I see people on so many medications, multiple medications for the same problem, and they often do not know what their medications are taken for.  They feel miserable and all the while never knowing how food can totally change their lives for the better.

I have been on my own weight loss and wellness journey since 1994 and thank God, I have reached my goal and kept it since 2011.  It all started with a weight training class my freshmen year in college and I have been researching fitness and healthy eating ever since.  Even though I possessed all of this knowledge, life took its twists and turns and I became overweight.

I was so miserable that I skipped social events because I did not have one pair of shorts that fit without Spanx and an outdoor event in the Louisiana summer heat is not a good thing.  I was also that girl who's thighs rubbed together while running and formed a blister.  Ouch!!  I tried so many diets and the scale would not budge.  I even tried an eating plan that worked wonders in my 20's, but in my 30's it just did not work anymore.  It was so frustrating!  I thought something had to be wrong with me.

Well, I finally combined a few different theories and found a way of eating that finally made the pounds come off and put a huge smile on my face and I made it a lifestyle.  People would ask, "what's for lunch on your diet today?".  I would quickly correct them and say it is a LIFESTYLE, not a diet.  People say diets are so restrictive.  Well, this is a lifestyle and it is so freeing to finally look and feel how I have always wanted to.  It is such a great feeling knowing that I am taking care of myself and I know the future me will thank me for it.  I have conquered some very difficult trials and have some health trials that will be with me for the rest of my life, but I am determined to stay strong and be as healthy as possible to make my journey through life as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible.

We are all at different stages and in different situations in our life journeys and one of my goals is to help people get healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually so they can enjoy their journeys as well.  I would love to have teh privilege of sharing my knowledge and passion for wellness and see the light in your eye's shine brighter and brighter as you reach your goals!