My name is Sandra and I am 68 years old.  This is my Moxifit journey.  I started my journey on December 1, 2019.  I weighed 173.1 pounds on this start date and now weigh 132.3 pounds.  I have enjoyed this ride.  The food was very tasty and I was able to consume a lot of it.  Therefore, I was rarely hungry.  This change in my eating habits has changed my life.  I have lots more energy, I get up earlier in the morning without my alarm and my blood pressure has dropped significantly.  So much so that I'm off of my medication after taking it for years.  I have been on many diets during my life and I have to say that Moxifit is by far the best!  I would recommend Moxifit to anyone who wants to change their life.  My coach, Nicky, is the best.  She will be with you every step of the way.  So, for a life change, better health, and more self confidence, give Nicky a call at Weigh To Geaux.  You won't regret it.

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/// Sandra

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For most of my life I have stayed active.  As a child and teenager I was involved in team sports.  Throughout my twenties I enjoyed running, biking, and group fitness.  After having my daughter at 31, exercise became so much more.  It was now my escape and "me" time.  Despite being active, I still struggled with my weight because I wasn't eating properly.  I knew what I should eat, but I chose not to, or made excuses.  Enter Moxifit and it was the missing part of the equation.  I was able to continue my workout routine, and now I was fueling my body properly.  Within a month I had lost over 10 pounds!  The accountability offered by Coach Nicky was so helpful.  The food selection was great and delicious.  The Moxifit program was just what I needed to be on track.

/// Jessica

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